phpMyAdmin - ChangeLog

phpMyAdmin - ChangeLog

$Id: ChangeLog 12608 2009-06-30 10:48:08Z lem9 $
$HeadURL: $ (2009-06-30)
- [security] XSS: Insufficient output sanitizing in bookmarks (2009-06-15)
- [core] better support for vendor customisation (based on what Debian needs)
+ RFE #2127987 warn when session.gc_maxlifetime is less than cookie validity
+ RFE #2100910 configurable default charset for import
+ RFE #1913541 link to InnoDB status when error 150 occurs
+ RFE #1927189 strip ` from column names on import
+ RFE #1821619 LeftFrameDBSeparator can be an array
+ patch #1821619 [privileges] Extra back reference when editing table-specific
  privileges, thanks to Herman van Rink
+ patch #2356575 [display] Sortable database columns,
  thanks to Bryce Thornton
- patch #2486825 [lang] Wrong string in setup script hints,
  thanks to Isaac Bennetch
- patch #2498350 [cleanup] XHTML cleanup, thanks to Virsacer 
+ patch #2494192 [display] Possibility of disabling the sliders, 
  thanks to Virsacer 
+ patch #2506831 [privileges] Create user for existing database, 
  thanks to Herman van Rink and Virsacer
+ patch #2505255 [privileges] Cleanup, thanks to Virsacer
- bug #2414056 [auth] AllowNoPasswordRoot error message is too vague 
- patch #2596230 [XHTML] View table headers/footers completely,
  thanks to Virsacer
- patch #2602633 [core] support column name having square brackets, 
  thanks to Herman van Rink
+ [lang] Lithuanian update, thanks to Rytis Slatkevicius 
+ [auth] New setting AllowNoPassword (supercedes AllowNoPasswordRoot) that
  applies to all accounts (even the anonymous user)
- patch #2652972 [relation] Missing code with hashing for relationship
  editing, thanks to knittl
+ RFE #2123386 Added option to disable mcrypt warning.
- bug #2648502 Request-URI Too Large error from Location header
+ RFE #1731967 Check for relations support on main page.
+ RFE #2186820 Explanation for using Host table.
+ RFE #1369509 Link to download more themes.
+ RFE #1666487 Add option to generate password on change password page.
+ RFE #1694104 Allow logging of user status with Apache.
- patch #2649087 None default is different than other None in some languages.
+ [lang] Chinese Simplified update, thanks to Shanyan Baishui 
- patch #2550286 [display] Sort arrows problem, thanks to Virsacer
- [security] warn about existence of config directory on main page
+ patch #2706761 [lang] Polish update,
  thanks to Pawel Smolinski
+ patch #2715142 [export] (RFE #2416960, escape new line in CSV export)
  thanks to Derek Schaefer
- patch #2727250 Optimizations for PHP loops
  thanks to Haeber 
- bug #2650776 [import] SQL_MODE not saved during Partial Import 
- patch #1863739 [auth] cache control missing (PHP-CGI), thanks to stmfd
- patch #2750541 [parser] Incorrect parsing of constraints in ALTER TABLE,
  thanks to Yannick Betemps 
+ patch #2735162 [status] Server status - replication,
  thanks to Tomas Srnka
+ patch #2745215 [edit] Multi-row change with "]" improved, 
  thanks to Virsacer 
+ RFE #2657696 Automatically copy generated password
- bug #2787162 [interface] Table with name 'log_views' is incorrectly displayed as a view
+ patch #2665440 Detect mcrypt initialization failure
+ [lang] Galician update, thanks to Xosé Calvo
+ [lang] Swedish update, thanks to Bj?rn T. Hallberg
+ [lang] Norwegian update, thanks to Sven-Erik Andersen 
+ [lang] Catalan update, thanks to Xavier Navarro
+ [lang] Finnish update, thanks to Jouni Kahkonen
+ [lang] Hungarian update, thanks to Jozsef Tamas Herczeg (not released)
- bug #2785912 [doc] no ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP in list of attributes (2009-05-15)
- patch #2739001 [export] XML does not allow spaces in element names, 
  thanks to Derek Schaefer
- bug #2780722 [import] Incorrect maximum file size
- bug #2780356 [calendar] Null checkbox not unchecked when date is chosen 
- bug [calendar] js error "window.parent.addEvent is not a function" 
- patch #2773818 [export] Invalid "Content-Encoding" header,
  thanks to abignale
- bug #2787162 [interface] Table with name 'log_views' is incorrectly displayed as a view
- bug #2784400 [parser] INVOKER not understood by parser 
- [core] Compatibility with PHP 5.3.0RC2 (2009-04-25)
+ patch #1808339 [doc] Apache SSLOptions and StdEnvVars FAQ,
  thanks to JT Justman
- bug #2491017 [operations] ANSI mode not supported (db rename and table move) 
- bug #2609346 [operations] Fix copying views.
- RFE #2127983 Readd documentation link, it does not protect against anything.
- bug #1675249 [doc] Apache reverse proxy and cookies FAQ
- bug #2682140 UUID() and CURRENT_USER() should not accept arguments
- patch #2682833 [core] Fatal error: Call to a member function isDisplayed(),
  thanks to Christian Rodriguez
- patch #2702772 [lang] Duplicate sentence in Polish,
  thanks to Pawel Smolinski
- patch #2709040 [doc] Wrong link in ChangeLog formatter,
  thanks to Petr Vorel
- patch #2715417 [interface] Fixed truncation of enum/set values containing parenthesis
  thanks to Marco Moreno
+ [lang] Spanish update, thanks to Daniel Hinostroza
- bug #2724844 Add Fields: Add index is missing quotes
  thanks to Luke Armstrong
- bug #2740550 [interface] Using textarea CharEditing drops default values
- bug #2729191 [config] CheckConfigurationPermissions = false is worthless 
- bug #2687046 [export] Structure export: Null always YES
- [doc] typos, thanks to Cédric Corazza (2009-04-14)
- [security] Insufficient output sanitizing when generating configuration file (2009-03-24)
- [security] HTTP Response Splitting and file inclusion vulnerabilities 
- [security] XSS vulnerability on export page
- [security] Insufficient output sanitizing when generating configuration file (2009-02-28)
+ [lang] Turkish update, thanks to Burak Yavuz
- patch #2496403 [display] Multi-row change with "]",
  thanks to Virsacer
- bug #2027720 [parser] Missing space after BINARY used as cast 
- patch #2520747 [core] E_DEPRECATED compatibility for PHP 5.3,
  thanks to Giovanni Giacobbi
- bug [display] Message "Bookmark created" is not displaying
+ [display] Show AUTO_INCREMENT instead of A_I when in vertical mode
- patch #2538358 [display] Conditions for relational display field, 
  thanks to Virsacer
+ [lang] Mongolian update, thanks to Bayarsaikhan Enkhtaivan
- patch #2553372 [display] DB comment tooltips not shown on navi,
  thanks to Erdem
- patch #2561433 [structure] Display true number of rows in a view
  if it contains less than MaxExactCountViews,
  thanks to Virsacer
+ [lang] Polish update, thanks to Fixer
- bug #2568722 [designer] Compound key not shown
- patch #2550323 [XHTML] in server_databases.php, thanks to Virsacer
- patch #2358861 [navi] Row count tooltip wrong for information_schema, 
  thanks to Herman van Rink
- bug #2565948 [core] Changing the connection collation changed the client
+ [lang] Romanian update, thanks to Sergiu Bivol
- patch #1760205 [data] Insert as new row: BLOB is lost, 
  thanks to Herman van Rink
+ [lang] Georgian update, thanks to George Machitidze (2009-01-19)
- bug #1253252 [display] Can't NULL a column with relation defined 
- bug #2009500 [SQL] Small improvements in generated SQL (partial fix)
- bug #1963184 [export] YAML export improvement,
 thanks to Bryce Thornton
+ [lang] Dutch update, thanks to Herman van Rink 
- patch #2407785 [cleanup] ereg*() deprecated in PHP 5.3,
  thanks to Alex Frase
- bug #2417058 [properties] Edit fields: losing auto-increment setting
- patch #2444082 [changelog] changelog.php linkifies one link wrong,
  thanks to Robert Xiao
- bug #2363653 [properties] Various problems with table structure
- bug [display] BIT field contents disappear when edited
+ [lang] Czech update, thanks to Ond?ej Vadinsk?.
- bug #2461735 [operations] Table operations adds "row_format"
- bug #2445213 [export] Commas for CSV Excel 2008 for Mac
- bug #2397877 [core] ForceSSL and http auth_type
- bug #2473127 [display] Deleting rows displays tbl structure, not contents
- patch #2478940 [core] PHP 5.2+ warning does not work, 
  thanks to Jürgen Wind
- bug #2416418 [privileges] Escaping special characters (2008-12-09)
- patch #2242765 [core] Navi panel server links wrong,
  thanks to Martin Stricker
- bug #2186823 [core] bad session.save_path not detected 
- bug #2202709 [core] Re-login causes PMA to forget current table name
- bug #2280904 [export] do not include view name in export
- RFE #1688975 [display] enable copying of auto increment by default
- bug #2355753 [core] do not bail out creating session on any PHP warning
- bug #2355925 [display] properly update tooltips in navigation frame
- bug #2355923 [core] do not use ctype if it is not available
- bug #2356433 [display] HeaderFlipType "fake" problems,
  thanks to Michal Biniek
- bug #2363919 [display] Incorrect size for view 
- bug #2121287 [display] Drop-down menu blinking in FF 
+ [lang] Catalan update, thanks to Xavier Navarro
+ [lang] Finnish update, thanks to Jouni Kahkonen
- [core] Avoid error with BLOBstreaming support requiring SUPER privilege
- [security] possible XSRF on several pages (2008-11-28)
+ [auth] Support for Swekey hardware authentication,
- bug #2046883 [core] Notices about deprecated dl() (so stop using it)
+ BLOBstreaming support, thanks to Raj Kissu Rajandran and
  Google Summer of Code 2008
+ patch #2067462 [lang] link FAQ references in messages,
  thanks to Thijs Kinkhorst
+ new setup script, thanks to Piotr Przybylski (work in progress)
- RFE #1892243 [export] more links to documentation
+ [auth] cookie auth now autogenerates blowfish_secret, but it has some
  limitations and you still should set it in config file
+ [auth] cookie authentication is now the default
+ [auth] do not allow root user without password unless explicitly enabled by
+ RFE #1778908 [auth] arbitrary server auth can now also accept port
- patch #2089240 [export] handle correctly switching SQL modes
+ RFE #1612724 [export] add option to export without comments
- bug #2090002 [display] Cannot edit row in VIEW 
- patch #2099962 [js] fix js error without frameset, thanks to Xuefer 
- patch #2099972 [structure] Display None when there is no default value,
  thanks to Xuefer
- patch #2122883 [PDF schema] Option to display just the keys,
  thanks to Samuel Sol Villar dos Santos
+ RFE #1276463 [search] Search empty/not empty values 
+ RFE #823652 [structure] ENUM values: field size too small 
- [lang] Persian update, thanks to Goolex 
- [lang] Czech update, thanks to Ond?ej Vadinsk?.
- patch #2255890 [lang] English-language cleanup,
  thanks to Isaac Bennetch
+ [lang] Norwegian update, thanks to Sven-Erik Andersen 
+ [lang] Hungarian update, thanks to Jozsef Tamas Herczeg 
+ [lang] French update by Marc Delisle - lem9
- bug #2222344 [display] Query involving a function shown as binary
+ [lang] Italian update, thanks to fantu
+ [lang] Swedish update, thanks to Bj?rn T. Hallberg
- bug #2315549 [import] fclose() error with "Create PHP code"
+ [lang] Polish update, thanks to Jakub Wilk (not released)
- [lang] Italian update, thanks to Luca and fantu
- bug #2107583 [GUI] Leading newline truncated, thanks to Isart Montane
- bug #2222230 [import] Assigning a value in import.php, thanks to
  Glen Arason (2008-10-30)
- [security] XSS in a Designer component (2008-10-22)
- bug #2134126 [GUI] SQL error after sorting a subset 
+ [lang] Catalan update, thanks to Xavier Navarro
+ [lang] Russian update, thanks to Victor Volkov
- patch #2143882 [import] Temporary uploaded file not deleted,
  thanks to David Misc
- bug #2136986 [auth] Cannot create database after session timeout 
- bug #1914066 [core] ForceSSL generates incorrectly escaped redirections,
  this time with the correct fix
+ [lang] Hungarian update, thanks to Jozsef Tamas Herczeg 
- bug #2153970 [core] Properly truncate SQL to avoid half of html tags
+ [lang] Romanian update, thanks to Sergiu Bivol
- bug #2161443 [structure] Incorrect index choice shown when modifying an
- bug #2127094 [interface] Misleading message after cancelling an action
+ [lang] Croatian update, thanks to Renato Pavicic
+ [lang] Finnish update, thanks to Jouni Kahkonen
+ [lang] Polish update, thanks to Jakub Wilk 
+ [lang] Japanese update, thanks to Ishigaki Kenichi
- patch #2176438 [privileges] Wrong message when changing password,
  thanks to incognito
- bug #2163437 [core] Cannot disable PMA tables
- bug #2184240 [lang] Problems with Italian language file, thanks to Luca
- bug #2187193 [interface] ShowChgPassword setting not respected (2008-09-27)
+ [export] properly handle line breaks for YAML, thanks to Dan Barry
+ [navi] new parameter $cfg['LeftDefaultTabTable']
+ [table] support MySQL 5.1 PARTITION: CREATE TABLE / Table structure,
  partition maintenance
+ [privileges] support for EVENT and TRIGGER
+ [error handler] NEW handle errors to prevent path disclosure and display/collect errors
+ [mysqlnd] do not display $strMysqlLibDiffersServerVersion if the client
  is mysqlnd
+ [webapp] experimental Mozilla Prism support
+ [export] new plugin "codegen" for NHibernate, thanks to caocao; I'm
  looking for a name more descriptive than codegen, taking into account
  that it might later support other formats like JSON in the same plugin
+ [export] new export to Texy! markup
+ [lang] Finnish update, thanks to Jouni Kahkonen
+ [config] new parameter $cfg['CheckConfigurationPermissions']
+ [config] new parameter $cfg['Servers'][$i]['ShowDatabasesCommand']
+ [config] new parameter $cfg['Servers'][$i]['CountTables']
+ RFE #1775288 [transformation] proper display if IP-address stored as INT
+ RFE #1758177 [core] Add the Geometry DataTypes
+ RFE #1741101, patch #1798184 UUID default for CHAR(36) PRIMARY KEY,
  thanks to Gert Palok
- bug #1664240 [GUI] css height makes cfg TextareaRows useless
- bug #1724217 [Create PHP Code] doesn't include newlines for text fields
- bug #1845605 [i18n] translators.html still uses iso-8859-1
- bug #1823018 [charset] Edit(Delete) img-links pointing to wrong row
- bug #1826205 [export] Problems with yaml text export
- bug #1344768 [database] create/alter table new field can not have empty string
               as default
+ RFE #1840165 [interface] Enlarge column name field in vertical mode
+ patch #1847534 [interface] New "Inside field" in db search,
  thanks to obiserver
+ [GUI] Mootools js library ( and new parameter
* [core] cache some MySQL stats (do not query them with every page request)
+ [view] clearer dialog WITH (CASCADED | LOCAL) CHECK OPTION 
+ [lang] Norwegian update, thanks to Sven-Erik Andersen 
+ [lang] Japanese update, thanks to Ishigaki Kenichi
+ [lang] Italian update, thanks to Luca Rebellato
+ [gui] Events
   * minimal support on db structure page
   * export
+ [pdf] Merged tcpdf 2.2.002 (PHP5 version), thanks to Nicola Asuni 
+ [engines] Maria support 
+ [engines] MyISAM and InnoDB: support ROW_FORMAT table option 
+ prevent search indexes from indexing phpMyAdmin installations
+ [engines] PBXT: table options, foreign key (relation view, designer)
+ [lang] New Bangla, thanks to Raquibul Islam and Joy Kumar Nag
+ [interface] Display options; thanks to Dave Grijalva
  for the idea about showing the display field while browsing
- bug #1910621 [display] part 2: do not display a BINARY content as text
+ RFE #1962383 [designer] Option to create a PDF page 
- patch #2007196, Typos in comments, thanks to knittl
- bug #1982315 [GUI] Comma and quote in ENUM, thanks to Joshua Hogendorn
+ [GUI] Color picker
- bug #1970836 [parser] SQL parser is slow, thanks to Christian Schmidt 
+ RFE #1692928 [transformation] Option to disable browser transformations 
+ [import] Speed optimization to be able to import the sakila database
+ [doc] Documentation for distributing phpMyAdmin in README.VENDOR.
+ [display] headwords for sorted column 
- bug #2033962 [import] Cannot import zip file 
+ [lang] Swedish update, thanks to Bj?rn T. Hallberg
- bug #2050068 [gui] "Check tables having overhead" selects wrong tables
+ [lang] Belarusian update, thanks to Jaska Zedlik 
+ [lang] Norwegian update, thanks to Sven-Erik Andersen 
+ [lang] Italian update, thanks to Luca Rebellato
- [core] safer handling of temporary files with open_basedir (thanks to Thijs
- [core] do not automatically set and create TempDir, it might lead to security
  issue (thanks to Thijs Kinkhorst)
+ [lang] Czech update
- bug #2066923 [display] Navi browse icon does not go to page 1 
- patch #2075263 [auth] Single sign-on and cookie clearing,
  thanks to Charles Suh
- [doc] better documentation of $cfg['TempDir']
- bug #2080963 [charset] Clarify doc and improved code, thanks to
  Victor Volkov - hanut
- bug [charset] Cannot sort twice on a column when the table name
  contains accents
+ [lang] Spanish update, thanks to Daniel Hinostroza
+ [lang] Hungarian update, thanks to Jozsef Tamas Herczeg 
- bug #2113848 [navi] Page number after database switching 
- patch #2115966 [GUI] Checkboxes and IE 7, thanks to Martin 
- bug #1914066 [core] ForceSSL generates incorrectly escaped redirections (2009-03-24)
- [security] XSS vulnerability on export page
- [security] Insufficient output sanitizing when generating configuration file (2008-12-09)
- [security] possible XSRF on several pages (2008-10-30)
- [security] XSS in a Designer component (2008-09-22)
- [security] XSS in MSIE using NUL byte, thanks to JPCERT. (2008-09-15)
- [security] Code execution vulnerability, thanks to Norman Hippert (2008-08-28)
- bug #2031221 [auth] Links to version number on login screen 
- bug #2032707 [core] PMA does not start if ini_set() is disabled 
- bug #2004915 [bookmarks] Saved queries greater than 1000 chars not
  displayed, thanks to Maik Wiege
- bug #2037381 [export] Export type "replace" does not work
- bug #2037375 [export] DROP PROCEDURE needs IF EXISTS 
- bug #2045512 [export] Numbers in Excel export
- bug #2074250 [parser] Undefined variable seen_from (2008-07-28)
- patch #1987593 [interface] Table list pagination in navi, 
  thanks to Jason Day
- bug #1989081 [profiling] Profiling causes query to be executed again
  (really causes a problem in case of INSERT/UPDATE)
- bug #1990342 [import] SQL file import very slow on Windows,
  thanks to Richard Heaton
- bug [XHTML] problem with tabindex and radio fields
- bug #1971221 [interface] tabindex not set correctly
- bug [views] VIEW name created via the GUI was not protected with backquotes
- bug #1989813 [interface] Deleting multiple views (space in name)
- bug #1992628 [parser] SQL parser removes essential space 
- bug #1989281 [export] Export fails if one table is marked as crashed
- bug #2001005 [GUI] ARCHIVE cannot have indexes 
- bug #1989281 [export] CSV for MS Excel incorrect escaping of double quotes
- bug #1959855 [interface] Font size option problem when no config file
  (todo (trunk): navi frame size does not change for theme original)
- bug #1982489 [relation] Relationship view should check for changes 
- bug [history] Do not save too big queries in history
- [security] Do not show version info on login screen
- bug #2018595 [import] Potential data loss on import resubmit 
- patch #2020630 [export] Safari and timedate, thanks to Sebastian Mendel,
  Isaac Bennetch and Jürgen Wind 
- bug #2022182 [import, export] Import/Export fails because of Mac files
- [security] protection against cross-frame scripting and
  new directive AllowThirdPartyFraming, thanks to YGN Ethical Hacker Group
- [security] possible XSS during setup, thanks to YGN Ethical Hacker Group
- [interface] revert language changing problem introduced with (2008-07-15)
- bug [security] XSRF/CSRF by manipulating the db,
  convcharset and collation_connection parameters,
  thanks to YGN Ethical Hacker Group (2008-06-23)
- bug #1908719 [interface] New field cannot be auto-increment and primary key
- [dbi] Incorrect interpretation for some mysqli field flags
- bug #1910621 [display] part 1: do not display a TEXT utf8_bin as BLOB
  (fixed for mysqli extension only)
- [interface] sanitize the after_field parameter,
  thanks to Norman Hippert
- [structure] do not remove the BINARY attribute in drop-down
- bug #1955386 [session] Overriding session.hash_bits_per_character 
- [interface] sanitize the table comments in table print view, 
  db print view and db data dictionary, thanks to Norman Hippert
- bug #1939031 Auto_Increment selected for TimeStamp by Default
- patch #1957998 [display] No tilde for InnoDB row counter when we know
  it for sure, thanks to Vladyslav Bakayev
- bug #1955572 [display] alt text causes duplicated strings
- bug #1762029 [interface] Cannot upload BLOB into existing row
- bug #1981043 [export] HTML in exports getting corrupted,
  thanks to Jason Judge
- bug #1936761 [interface] BINARY not treated as BLOB: update/delete issues
- protection against XSS when register_globals is on and .htaccess has
  no effect, thanks to Tim Starling
- bug #1996943 [export] Firefox 3 and .sql.gz (corrupted); detect Gecko 1.9,
  thanks to Jürgen Wind (2008-04-29)
- bug #1903724 [interface] Displaying of very large queries in error message
- bug #1905711 [compatibility] Functions deprecated in PHP 5.3: is_a() and
  get_magic_quotes_gpc(), thanks to Dmitry N. Shilnikov
- bug [lang] catalan wrong accented characters
- bug #1893034 [Export] SET NAMES for importing with command-line client
+ [lang] Russian update, thanks to Victor Volkov
- bug #1910485 [core] Unsetting the whitelist during the loop,
  thanks to Jeroen Vrijkorte
- bug #1906980 [Export] Import of VIEWs fails if temp table exists,
  thanks to Falk Nisius
- bug #1812763 [Copy] Table copy when server is in ANSI_QUOTES sql_mode 
  thanks to Tony Marston 
- bug #1918531 [compatibility] Navigation isn't valid 
  thanks to Michael Keck
- bug #1926357 [data] BIT defaults displayed incorrectly
- patch #1930057 [auth] colon in password prevents HTTP login on CGI/IIS,
  thanks to Jürgen Wind
- patch #1929553 [lang] Don't output BOM character in Swedish language file,
  thanks to Samuel L. B.
- patch #1895796 [lang] Typo in Japanese lang files,
  thanks to tyman
- bug #1935652 [auth] Access denied (show warning about mcrypt on login page)
- bug #1906983 [export] Reimport of FUNCTION fails
- bug #1919808 [operations] Renaming a database fails to handle functions 
- bug #1934401 [core] Cannot force a language
- bug #1944077 [core] Config file containing a BOM,
  thanks to Gaetano Giunta
- bug #1947189 [scripts] Missing </head> in scripts/signon.php,
  thanks to Dolf Schimmel
+ [lang] Romanian update, thanks to Sergiu Bivol (2008-04-22)
- PMASA-2008-3 [security] File disclosure (2008-03-29)
- bug #1909711 [security] Sensitive data in session files (2008-03-01)
- bug #1862661 [GUI] Warn about rename deleting database
- bug #1866041 [interface] Incorrect sorting with AS
- bug #1871038 [import] Notice: undefined variable first_sql_delimiter
- bug #1873110 [export] Problem exporting with a LIMIT clause
- bug #1871164 [GUI] Empty and navigation frame synch.
- patch #1873188 [GUI] Making db pager work when js is disabled,
  thanks to Jürgen Wind
- bug #1875010 [auth] MySQL server and client version mismatch (mysql ext.)
- patch #1879031 [transform] dateformat transformation and UNIX timestamps,
  thanks to Tim Steiner
- bug [import] Do not verify a missing enclosing character for CSV,
  because files generated by Excel don't have any enclosing character
- bug #1799691 [export] "Propose table structure" and Export
- bug #1884911 [GUI] Space usage
- bug #1863326 [GUI] Wrong error message / no edit (Suhosin)
- bug #1887204 [GUI] Order columns in result list messing up query
- patch #1893538 [GUI] Display issues on Opera 9.50,
  thanks to Jürgen Wind
- bug [GUI] Do not display the database name used by the previous user,
  thanks to Ronny G?rner
- bug [security] Remove cookies from $_REQUEST for better coexistence with
  other applications, thanks to Richard Cunningham. See PMASA-2008-1. (2008-01-12)
- bug #1843428 [GUI] Space issue with DROP/DELETE/ALTER TABLE
- bug #1807816 [search] regular expression search doesn't work with
- bug #1843463 [GUI] DROP PROCEDURE does not show alert
- bug #1835904 [GUI] Back link after a SQL error forgets the query
- bug #1835654 [core] wrong escaping when using double quotes
- bug #1817612 [cookies] Wrong cookie path on IIS with PHP-CGI,
  thanks to Carsten Wiedmann
- bug #1848889 [export] export trigger should use DROP TRIGGER IF EXISTS
- bug #1851833 [display] Sorting forgets an explicit LIMIT
 (fix for sorting on column headers)
- bug #1764182 [cookies] Suhosin cookie encryption breaks phpMyAdmin
- bug #1798786 [import] Wrong error when a string contains semicolon
- bug #1813508 [login] Missing parameter: field after re-login
- bug #1710144 [parser] Space after COUNT breaks Export but not Query
- bug #1783620 [parser] Subquery results without "as" are ignored
- bug #1821264 [display] MaxTableList and INFORMATION_SCHEMA
- bug #1859460 [display] Operations and many databases
- bug #1814679 [display] Database selection pagination when switching servers
- patch #1861717 [export] CSV Escape character not exported right,
  thanks to nicolasdigraf
- bug #1864468 [display] Theme does not switch to darkblue_orange
- bug #1847409 [security] Path disclosure on darkblue_orange/,
  thanks to Jürgen Wind

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